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Entry #1

Hello, Hello!

2008-06-23 17:08:33 by ResidentEvilFlash

Hello, Newgrounds.
As you may know already, I am a big fan of Resident Evil series. So, Most of the flash I'll be making is all resident evil based. So if you enjoy a good RE flash or two, check me out sometime!


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2008-06-23 17:15:57

OK, I'll keep an eye out for it.

It better be good though. >:(

ResidentEvilFlash responds:

Resident Knieval is a very old flash I made, so just ignore that one :P


2008-06-23 17:23:28

Hi! Im Porkchop!
5 basic rules to a happy NG experience
1. NO IM NEW FORUM THREADS! Youd be suprised at how many people fuckin break that rule. Read the FAQ and if you're intrested in stats, the Ranking link, just to head off any questions you may have
2. Spelling nazis are abundant, as are Grammer fanaticals. Be wary
3. Dont whore your stuff out anywhere else other than here
4. Dont worry about the little shit, chances are there's less graceful newbs, be cool and dont say "this is my first flash, blah blah blah, im new." Chances are, people will shoot blamcannons before even watching it.
5.There is no rule 6 :D
have a happy NG experience!

ResidentEvilFlash responds:

I've been with flash for about 2 years now, so I don't think I'll worry much about getting blammed. Doesn't sound like fun though!


2008-06-23 17:44:28

Resident Knieval was entertaining.

ResidentEvilFlash responds:

Glad to hear that!