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Hey Newgrounds! It's been a while!
I have some terrible news. A few days ago, in a fit of rage I completely removed Flash due to Writer's block. (It was stolen flash)

But good news is, I am re-stealing that shit so put on your 3-D glasses, it's comin at ya bitch!

Im back..for the moment being...and lacking flash...


2008-08-24 13:12:04 by ResidentEvilFlash

Sadly enough, I had absolutely no time to animate this summer. I give you my sincere apologies.
Right now, I'm getting used to flash again, and writing a script for my next movie. It may have to run short, cause even now I have a busy schedule with school and whatnot. And the fact my cat is going into labor RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

Voice Actors Wanted!!!

2008-07-03 20:35:47 by ResidentEvilFlash

Heres the deal. Im looking for voice actors for my upcoming movie, "Resident Evil Deaths"
If you want to participate, you must be able to sound atleast a little bit like leon. Or just have a deep enough voice for this to work. If you would like to participate,

hit me up on MSN or email me
My MSN is
My email is


Hello, Hello!
I am currently looking for someone who will do some voice acting for Resident Evil Deaths.
There isn't to much dialog so you lazy asses have nothing to worry about (some of you).
If you want to voice act in my movie, send me a PM with a recording of you saying this
"I want to be a voice actor for RE DEATHS." Just so I can hear your voice and how good it is.

Resident Evil Deaths

2008-06-24 19:33:44 by ResidentEvilFlash

I am starting to work on a new Resident Evil project, Resident Evil Deaths. Yes, another flash about the stupid ways you can die. Just so you know, it will be based on Resident Evil 4. And to mix things up a bit, Ashley dies a few times to! Because Leon is a bastard, and has every right to kill her!

Hello, Hello!

2008-06-23 17:08:33 by ResidentEvilFlash

Hello, Newgrounds.
As you may know already, I am a big fan of Resident Evil series. So, Most of the flash I'll be making is all resident evil based. So if you enjoy a good RE flash or two, check me out sometime!